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Leominster Priory has a historic ring of 10 bells. The largest 8 bells were cast in 1755 by Evans of Chepstow with a further 2 light bells added in 1894 via Warners of London.

The ten bells are suspended in an oak bellframe all installed in 1895. The combination of bells mean parts of musical octaves can be created through the use of the largest 6, 8 or all 10 and also the option of the lightest 6 bells.

We practice the ‘Art of Bellringing’ on a Thursday evening with additional practices where required.

We call people to worship on Sunday from 9:15 and when able, attempt to ring quarter peals for Evensong.

Church bells are also used to mark notable occasions, Christian events, Remembrance Day, Weddings and Funerals are the common ones.

It is a team activity and requires all taking part to have fun with 1 person to each bell. Many who ring come from many walks of life and such is the community, once you have mastered the bell and ability to be confident within the art, you become welcomed in many of the active towers throughout the UK and world.

We try to pass on the art of bellringing through a hands on approach, to learn the very basics in this age old pastime can take between 10 -16 hours. Near enough all people can have a chance to learn given they are fit enough to climb the near 90 steps to the ringing room and your stature is such to physically control the bell rope. We get younger members from around the 1st year of high school through to those with time to enjoy life and try a new hobby with friendship groups soon formed.

Some of Leominster Priory Bellringers are members of the A.R.T. (Association of Ringing Teachers) passing on tuition in a structured way to encourage maximum progression in the art of bellringing.

Below are links to various websites to assist in explaining this enjoyable pastime. 

Hereford Diocesan Guild of Bellringer’s Website

A.R.T. Websites

Central Council of Church Bellringer’s Website

What is Bell Ringing?

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