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Honour for the Team Rector

Our Team Rector and Rural Dean, the Rev Michael Kneen, was ‘collated” (installed) as "Prebendary de Hinton" at Hereford Cathedral on Sunday 9th September 2018.

What is a Prebendary, exactly? The short answer is that Prebendaries are more or less the same as Canons in other dioceses. In other words Prebendary is an honorary title given to senior clergy in a diocese.

In former times, the Prebendaries attached to a cathedral were paid for by the income of a manor or estate known as a "Prebend". These properties are long gone, but the title remains.

Mike will, of course, remain here as Team Rector of Leominster until his retirement in two years time, but in the meantime will also be a member of the Greater Chapter of Hereford Cathedral.

At the Reformation there was a major re- organisation of the clergy in those cathedrals that had been monastic foundations. Hereford, London, Lincoln and a few others were non-monastic churches, and so those cathedrals have retained the ancient title Prebendary for their honorary Canons.

In a rather nice twist, Mike follows his old boss, Prebendary Andy Roberts, former Team Rector of Bridgnorth as Prebendary de Hinton.

The Great Western Railway had a class of general purpose engines named after the smaller country houses in the area, and their "Hinton Manor" is one of the locomotives based on the Severn Valley Railway. The new Prebendary de Hinton has diriven that loco!

The Prebendaries currently serving have their own named stall in the choir of the Cathedral. When you visit Hereford Cathedral next you can see the latin names above each seat.