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Priory Fete and Dog Show 7th July, 2pm

In addition to all our normal attractions, including Tenbury Town Band, the opening of the Tower and many stalls and games, this year we have organised a FUN DOG SHOW which will start at 2:45pm.

There will be 6 separate classes as follows:

1. The dog with the waggiest tail, 

2. The dog which looks most like it's owner, 

3. The dog with the best trick, 

4. The best paw shaker, 

5.  The dog with the most soulful eyes, 

6. The dog which the judge would most like to take home.

There will be prizes for the winning dog in each class, and rosettes.

The entry fee for each class will be £2, with entry to all the classes being £10. 

To register, please come along to the registration desk on the day between 2 and 2:45pm.

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